Contemporary (HOTEL) Marketing thru Videos!

Videos are playing an ever increasing role in the online marketing process. Marketers have realised that videos help increase brand recognition, create buzz and help promote and sell the products or services more effectively.
Hospitality businesses in India must finely compliment the online marketing effort by the traditional approach of direct contact with target audience.

How To Go About Video Marketing
Popular concept in video marketing is the creation of "viral" videos. Videos that are so entertaining, bizarre, or funny that people will refer their friends. If done correctly, the video will spread like wildfire across the internet, reaching hundreds of thousands of people, without costing you a cent in advertising or hosting costs.
  • Create video content to enrich your site
  • Create a sales letter/pitch to promote your video
  • Build more personal relationship with subscribers
  • Keep in contact with your clients for feedback
Where You Can Submit Your Video
Google Video -
FlickLife -

What To Consider While Posting Your Video
You must use some tricks; pick the right keywords, and create some backlinks to the posted videos. Give it a catchy title and teaser to get people interested. One can also social bookmark them, submit their RSSs to some RSS search engines.

Strategy To Go About Promoting The Video

1. Bookmark and RSS feeds are perhaps the more important marketing tools which actually give videos their unlimited potential. There are a lot of internet sites that now host and share bookmarks. You can add links to these sites to your article pages. There are two ways of doing this. You can go to each of the leading bookmarking sites and download their code and links onto your site. The ones that you should include are:
Digg -
Technorati –
Reddit –

The alternative is to put a link to for direct access to over 30 bookmarking sites.

2. Using Social Networking sites to Promote you video. A big part of this phenomenon is the activity of finding, sharing and recommending products, services, events and experiences to like-minded people.
Facebook –
LinkedIn –
MySpace –
Orkut –

If you can get people to talk about and recommend your products & services to their peers, it is more powerful than any marketing you can buy.
3. Partner with Travel portals and MetaSearch engines to promote your video.
  • Travelocity
  • Cleartrip Make My Trip
  • Desiya
  • Yatra
  • Expedia
4. Tie up to with websites offering content like current affairs (NEWS) & other popular lifestyle / fashion content. Run banner campaigns / ads to attract traffic for your video on your own website.
  • NDTV
  • TimesNow
  • Rediff
  • MSN
5. Promote the videos at Malls on their electronic billboards. (huge plasma screens)
6. Run the video at Multiplexes
7. Tie up with Airlines to promote your videos on their inflight entertainment system.

The true essence of the campaign lies in being able to track and measure the reach & effectiveness. By using simple tools available like Google Analytics you must track the progress of the campaign.


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