Who will benefit from the merger?

Who will Benefit from the merger?
The Travel Distribution business today is no more restricited to the legacy travel agents but the people involved in this business are constantly spreading their wings to related fields as well. Namely Airline Distribution/Hosting, Online Booking Engines for Travel Portals, Data Intelligence tools, Accounting Packages additionally these companies are also gradually in the process of driving the consolidation of the global Travel business.
As you would know that the leading Online travel companies of the world like Expedia, Travelocity, Opodo, EBookers, TravelPort etc. are already part of some GDS directly or indirectly which inturn ensures that the Airlines stay with the GDS and in return GDS enjoys the travel distribution monopoly!
It is very pre-mature to say who will be the beneficiary from the TravelPort - Worldspan handshake but it is very evident that TravelPort is a stronger partner and if Worldspan's Technology can be put to some fruitful use and provided effective synergy is developed within, then Galileo can recover its market share and would be the Leader in Travel Distribution in no time....
Note: The Diagram has been developed to analyze and have a better understanding of the synergy of product offerings to the Travel community from the merger. This does not hold any significance as to how, in future, either of the companies wish to pave their way forward in their respective fields.


Anonymous said…
nice one! one has to keep in mind that worldspan was the only gds who did not operate their own b2c businesses. in the past 2-3 yrs we have witnessed very aggressive moves by both sabre and amadeus.

the lastminute.com and opodo group respectively are amongst the market leaders in europe, the most rapidly growing online travel market atm. so there is a lot to catch up for orbitz/ebookers.

i feel very postive about the b2b market and the combined galileo/worldspan gds. lots of synergies and good prospects. amadeus should be prepared to lose market share here.

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